Hope James, M.S.
MBTI Certified 
MMTIC Certified 
(type for kids)


About Hope

Hope earned her BA in Psychology from the University of South Florida in August of 1990.  She earned her MS in Human Development/Marriage and Family Therapy from Virginia Tech in May of 2007.  She has worked in community agencies, a psychiatric hospital, holistic treatment center, private practice for others and private practice for herself.  

Her interest in MBTI grew as she saw how an understanding of it could have practical application for couple and family therapy.  She received her MBTI certification in December of 2012 and her MMTIC (type for kids) certification in March of 2014.  

She has been married for 24 years, has two teenagers, a small dog and cat.  In her free time, she loves walking in the woods, making art and reading.