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Hope Pannier James, M.S.
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"It all depends on how we look at things and not how they are themselves." 

Carl Gustav Jung

Myers Briggs Type and Family Therapy

Why Myers Briggs Personailty Types should be a part of all family therapy sessions as well as all family therapy training. 

First, the “label” of one’s Myers Briggs Type is as benign as the “label” of which hand one prefers to use.  Conversely, the “labels” regularly used in mental health carry much shame and stigma.  

Second, when a therapist doesn’t understand their own Myers Briggs Type, the advice they give is biased due to their preference without the therapist ever being aware of it. For example, what is helpful for an extravert is very different than what is helpful to an introvert.  The therapist then unintentionally gives advice that too often hurts a client more than helps. 

Third, when families understand how and where their differences in preference come into play, they can stop taking each other being different so personally.  As if there is one right way. 


As Rodney King said so many years ago “Can’t we all just get along?”